Career & Professional Development (CPD)



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A graduate degree in a STEM field is a prerequisite for many different careers in STEM. There are additional factors that contribute to securing a satisfying and fulfilling position. Knowledge about career options, educational requirements, and advanced professional skills and soft skills significantly enhance the likelihood of receiving an offer of a position that satisfies one’s intellectual and personal preferences.

Be sure to take advantage of the career & professional development (CPD) offerings at your academic institution. These might include seminars, workshops, individual counseling, mentor-mentee conversations, etc. As the availability of career & professional offerings varies among different GRFP institutions, the GRFP team has compiled a structured online framework (including links to publicly available CPD resources) that can be used by graduate students at any institution. The following pages serve as a starting point to explore career related topics on the World Wide Web (hereafter “the web”).

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